Choosing your Ottawa wedding photographer.

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Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

Choosing your Ottawa wedding photographer.


Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life, and it’s one that you’ll want to remember forever.

You’ll need to make a lot of decisions, lots of choices about how to make your wedding day uniquely yours. One of the most important decisions a Bride and Groom will face is who you will trust as your Ottawa Wedding Photographer.


Who you choose to as your Ottawa Wedding Photographer will depend on a number of things. Some of these will include:

* The style of Photography you like

* The Photographers personality

* Who will your Photographer actually be?

* Does the Wedding Photographer work with a contract?

* The Photographers appearance

* The cost vs. the value provided


What to look for in an Ottawa Wedding Photographer.


-The style of photography you’re looking for i.e. Traditional or Documentary style Wedding Photography. Do you like the Photographers style? Are they flexible enough to capture your Wedding Day the way you want it remembered?


- The personality of your Photographer also needs to be considered. Do you like them? Are they excited at the prospect of Photographing your Wedding?


- Who will your Ottawa Wedding Photographer actually be? Larger studios may have a stable of Photographers. Do the sample albums you’re being shown contain the work of the Photographer you’ll be getting on your Wedding Day, or is it a “Greatest Hits” package containing the work of several of the studio’s staff. Do you get a chance to meet the Photographer that will be at your Wedding before you sign a contract?


- Speaking of contracts, does the Photographer work with a contract? The contract is an important part of Wedding planning. It gives you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you can expect to receive from your Photographer, and is your guarantee that the date is booked and the Photographer is reserved for your wedding.

The Photographers appearance should also be taken into account. Are they neatly dressed when you meet them? Do the look professional? Would you want this person meeting your wedding guests?

-Pricing and your Ottawa Wedding Photographer. Obviously, price plays an important part of the decision. Does the Photographer you’re considering fit into your budget? If they don’t, are they worth the price difference? One of the worst mistakes you can make is choosing a Wedding Photographer based on price alone. Wedding Photographers set their prices based on their skill and experience. There’s a simple reason some Photographers cost more. They’re worth it.

The Internet is a wonderful place to do research on Ottawa Wedding Photographers. Unfortunately if you make your decision based exclusively on a Photographers website, or the price they quote, you may be disappointed on with the photos from your wedding day. Getting a “great price” from a Wedding Photographer you booked online won’t look like such a deal if you find them difficult to work with.

Ottawa Wedding Photographer

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Ottawa Wedding Photographer


I’d love to speak to you regarding your upcoming wedding.

You can reach me by phone at (613) 673-9249 and by email at [email protected]


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Ottawa Wedding Photographer

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